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May 27th ENGIE Cofely @ENGIE_CofelyFR
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Who we are

Cofely Services provides sustainable solutions enabling its customers to reduce energy consumption, improve economic performance, and control their environmental impact.

Energy savings and efficiency

Achieving energy savings is the best way to save the planet’s natural resources. Moreover, when a business or a community chooses energy efficiency solutions, it contributes to improving its own economic performance.

Cofely Services offers customers global control solutions for energy efficiency based on a combination of its professional expertise and the implementation of intelligent systems – including optimised energy consumption, utilisation of local, renewable energy sources, optimised operation and maintenance of facilities and installations, and thermal renovation of buildings.

Energy, a civic challenge

“We are more than a multi-technical enterprise; we are creators and integrators of sustainable solutions for the eco-buildings of the future and major player for sustainable cities.”
Jean-Pierre Monéger, General Manager of Cofely Services.

The men and women of Cofely Services are committed to support their customers across the entire energy efficiency spectrum – upstream, including energy audits and controls – to downstream, involving behaviour changes and energy management control panels, and including long-term energy performance management featuring custom-tailored solutions.


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